Plant for Peace is an initiative designed specifically to assist rural communities and smallholder farmers in conflict and post conflict territories around the world to achieve food security and sustainable economic development. We help to create stability in troubled areas of the world by empowering communities to become self sufficient through sustainable agriculture and trade. We do this by bringing people together so as to enable communities to participate in the global food market, by creating demand for locally grown produce through developing value added products, establishing local production facilities and organising community to international supply chains. We are currently making plans to role the Plant for Peace model out across numerous countries around the world giving millions of people the opportunity to enhance their livelihoods through community driven social impact whilst creating a positive impact on the environment.

Organisational Structure

Plant for Peace is made up of three entities:
The Plant for Peace Steering Group, Plant for Peace Foundation and Plant for Peace Commercial.

Plant for Peace Steering Group

The Plant for Peace Steering Group has oversight of all executive components in the Plant for Peace initiative. It is a non-legal entity made up of renowned global figures that can help influence decision makers and donors to support the Plant for Peace strategy. The primary function of the Steering Group is to guard the integrity of the Plant for Peace initiative and to ensure that the actions taken to accomplish its goals are geared towards efficiency, long term sustainability and optimal results of the strategy.

Plant for Peace Foundation

The foundation assists smallholder farmers to achieve sustainable economic livelihoods through training, organisational and community development programs and by maintaining the viability of the buyer / supplier relationship between the smallholder farmers and Plant for Peace Commercial by ensuring best agricultural practice within the communities.

Plant for Peace Commercial

Plant for Peace Commercial creates national, regional and international demand for produce produced by the smallholder farmers and develops infrastructure and production facilities to create local employment opportunities and additionally creates revenues to contribute to the work of Plant for Peace Foundation through product sales.