James Brett - Why Plant for Peace

Plant for Peace is about the coming together of people, understanding cultures, fulfilling needs and respecting beliefs. It is the basic human emotion between us all that makes us want to reach out and help. We all have needs and when those needs are not met problems occur. Plant for Peace is a simple pragmatic methodology that helps real people in their communities develop a way of life conducive to their own culture, beliefs and needs. Having an understanding of those different cultures, beliefs and needs is what makes Plant for Peace possible.

Plant for Peace is designed to enable local communities to utilise natural resources through agriculture and horticulture to create economically viable, environmentally sustainable systems that ensure they become stable progressive participants of the global food chain whilst developing their own communities and fulfilling their own needs.

Our respect of the food chain in the context of sustaining our natural environment and the part that humanity plays in the natural cycle of life determines our day to day survival. Food sustains us as individuals, but the more natural the food, how we produce it and how we replenish the natural resource not only affects our participation of life, but life in its entirety.

It is our experiences that make us who we are, regardless of whether those experiences are positive or negative. I have been fortunate to have experienced a diversity that has been second to none and I am very grateful to be part of Plant for Peace, a way of life that has given me the direction and opportunity I so desperately needed. I am grateful to everyone that has helped and continues to help to try and change the lives of millions of people around the world.

Thank you

James Brett