The Strategy

Afghanistan 2014 - 2019

Plant for Peace Foundation 3-5 years

Over the next three to five years Plant for Peace Foundation aims to establish a network of well-functioning Cooperatives with solid medium term business plans, and the human, organisational and technical resources to function effectively with an increase in land cultivation from 3.5 million hectares to 4.5 million hectares with an end goal of 6 million hectares. The cooperatives will all be produce related such as a national mulberry cooperative, almond cooperative and pomegranate cooperative.

Plant for Peace Ltd 3-5 years

To ensure sustainability of the produce related cooperatives and so that demand meets the on-going supply of produce, strategic partnerships with multinational food companies are being established along with a range of new Plant for Peace branded product lines. These partnerships and product lines involve establishing supply chains and factories in Afghanistan utilising the high value horticulture produce. Five years from now Plant for Peace Ltd envisages the world’s largest food companies consuming the cooperatives produce as well as the Plant for Peace own brand product lines selling around the world.

The Plant for Peace Model – For every product sold we plant a tree

The Plant for Peace model is designed to maximise the demand for farmers produce to create sustainability

Choose produce widely produced by the farming community

Widely grown across Afghanistan Plant for Peace Ltd is using mulberry and pomegranate as the base ingredients for its initial product range which is a range of 4 fruit bar flavours hence creating the need for a mulberry cooperative and a pomegranate cooperative.

Develop a product maximising the potential of the produce

Over a period of 18 months Plant for Peace Ltd developed a process to turn pomegranate into a powder form enabling the fruit bar range to consist of at least 20% pomegranate and 50% mulberry in all 4 flavours

Outsource production in an international standard factory

The fruit bar range is being produced at a leading fruit bar manufacturing facility in Austria, Europe

Establish the product in the market

The fruit bars are initially being launched in 220 Waitrose and 717 Holland & Barrett stores May 2015

Construct a factory in Afghanistan and localise production

The planning of the fruit bar factory is underway with the aim to commence fruit bar production September 2016