Plant for Peace (Commercial)

Nick Melluish

Nick Melluish

After finishing his Ancient History degree (focusing on Persia) at Newcastle upon Tyne University, Nick started his career in financial management with Invesco Perpetual, Jupiter Asset Management and Merrill Lynch Investment Management (which became the world's largest Asset manager: BlackRock).

He moved into War & Terrorism Insurance at Tysers, acting as a broker in Lloyds of London. He met James Brett in 2011 and was absorbed by his vision for world peace and well-being. The dream of planting trillions of fruit trees, impacting Climate Change, helping small holder farmers increase their yield and ultimately reopening post conflict countries' commodities industry to the developed world meant that he wanted to help Brett in anyway he could.

After meeting Brett again in 2012 Nick started investing in Plant for Peace and introducing individuals whom he felt could have an impact on Plant for Peace's journey. He began helping James by raising investments and on projects in Afghanistan, supporting the unique in-country network and was amazed at it's size – it included the former and current President, government ministers, tribal elders across Afghanistan and Pakistan. He could see that Plant for Peace would have a huge impact on Afghanistan and the rest of the world.

Nick is on the Art for Youth board, in London, which raises money for UK Youth and has helped charities in Africa and Asia. He believes that much unity can be gained via sport and music internationally. He is a member of the MCC and is a keen cricketer. He gained his football coaching certificate at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

More recently he has worked at Dentsu Aegis Network [Media] and Westminster City Council [liaising with the British government] but at present is studying Permaculture with the intention of helping Plant for Peace's quest.