Implementation Team

Dr Julia Wright
Cooperatives & food security

Dr Julia Wright

Dr. Julia Wright has worked for 25 years in international agricultural development with a focus on organic agriculture and food security, the regeneration of the natural resource base, and capacity building for resilience to natural and man-made disasters. She has worked all over the world, including in Afghanistan, for the United Nations (FAO, IFAD), the Department for International Development, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, as well as Non-Government Organisations, research institutes and the private sector. Julia undertook her doctorate research on post-petroleum farming and food systems in Cuba at the end of the 1990s. She is a trustee of the Bioregional Development Group, on the steering committees of Canalside Community Foods CSA and Transition Town Leamington, and on the advisory committee of the Permaculture LAND project.

Julia Wright is a research and development professional for sustainable agriculture and food systems, specialising in food security, regeneration of the natural resource base, and building capacity and resilience of vulnerable groups including to natural and man-made disasters. Skilled in project formulation, implementation, participatory approaches, monitoring and evaluation, and fundraising. Agricultural experience covers production and postharvest, agroforestry, food supply and distribution systems, urban agriculture and nutrition, organic and fair trade, bioregional development, research, extension and knowledge systems, and farmer livelihood strategies.

Institutional experience of the UN – FAO, IFAD, WB; CGIAR – CIP, ICRAF; DFID; and the private and non-governmental sectors. Specific country experience in Europe – UK, Netherlands and Spain; Central and South America – Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil; Asia – Afghanistan, China, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia; Africa – Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria.