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Masood Azizi

Masood Azizi

Masood Azizi, born in Kandahar/Afghanistan, started his political career in 2004 when he became a special assistant to the Governor of Kandahar Gul Agha Sherzai. The good results of his work led to a promotion as Chief of Staff of Nangarhar Province by the Afghan President where he represented the province on a national as well on an international level. He was responsible for the poppy reduction program and soon after Nangarhar developed from a province with a high poppy cultivation to a “poppy free zone” and successfully promoted the disarmament of illegal groups. Mr. Azizi was awarded a hero medal by the Afghan President for his job regarding poppy cultivation in 2008. He was also able to reduce the gap between the local community and the Afghan government and built an environment of trust between them. Without doubt his good performance in his job made him a target for insurgents.

Additionally, he worked with the central Afghan government, and NATO commanders in Afghanistan for instance with General Petreaus and General McChrystal. During meetings in Europe and the USA he also met many Western politicians – among others US President Obama and George W. Bush junior. Mr. Azizi, holds a BA in Law and a Master of Arts in International Relations from a British University. He has also attended many workshops related to his work, for example about leadership and local governance, media and management.

Besides that Mr. Azizi is hard working, punctual, contributed and has leadership skills. He is fluent in following languages: Pashto, Dari, English and Urdo.