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Abdul Salam Munir
Board member

Abdul Salam Munir

He was born March 3rd 1954 as the son of Dr. Payenda Mohammad. He is married and has five children. After completing his education in Agricultural Economics at Kabul University Afghanistan, he followed several degree courses in Switzerland and the USA. His objective is to be a member of a well –disciplined dynamic and competent organization, where he can prove himself as an enthusiastic, outgoing, and energetic career oriented individual.

His earliest professional experience was in agriculture as manager, Grape and Dry Fruit cooperatives, Ministry of Agriculture Kabul, Afghanistan, where he managed 20 Agricultural cooperatives with 2,000 producers participating in Shamaly Province, Kabul, Afghanistan. He also worked as Instructor of Economics and marketing at the Higher Agricultural Institute Kabul, Afghanistan. He, then, worked as president of the Raisin and Dried Fruit Export Promotion Council Kabul, Afghanistan.

From 1996 until 2001 he worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Kabul, Afghanistan, where he served in several capacities including air operations coordinator for passenger and cargo, Field Officer, and Head of the purchasing for logistics department. His final position was as department head and chief interlocutor for the logistic department.

He then returned to the Raisin and Dried Fruit Export Promotion Council Kabul, Afghanistan as president. After two years, he moved on to become president of Export Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and industries Kabul, Afghanistan. His main responsibilities were to manage and coordinate 200 Staff from all Export departments in Afghanistan, provide training and expertise to over 300 producers, processors and exporters throughout the country, develop training targeted to improve production, packaging, quality, standards and laboratory analysis, develop networks with international community to strengthen export promotion efforts for Afghani producers, and lead trade missions.

Currently, he works for the Ministry of Commerce and Industries as Advisor for Exhibition and Export to the Ministry of commerce and industries.

He has published numerous journal articles on Agriculture and Economic issues particularly in the area of export and standards. He also attended numerous conferences and professional meetings, and he is an active member of the International Standards organization Geneva, Switzerland, the Afghan-American working group with ministry of Commerce and US Department of Commerce, and the Afghan-UK working group on Chambers of Commerce.